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2014 Annual Photography Book *SALE*

Image of 2014 Annual Photography Book *SALE*

$16.95 - On Sale

This is Lady Hump's 5th Annual to date; Waterloo 2014
Made in the U.S.A., printed in Torrance, CA.


100% AD FREE (all photo content, no advertisements... imagine that?)

Purchase price includes U.S. Shipping in a protective bubble mailer and FREE "Lady Hump Love Doll" STICKERS.

It's the "Best of the Lady Hump Blog" in print, covering Southern California motorcycle events, rides, parties, campouts, etc., (and some additional points north and south included too) that we attended and/or hosted throughout 2014.

Including but not limited to;
The Sue Boy Ride
The Ruckus Ride
Rise Above Los Angeles
Star Wars De Mayo
North Drinks With South Campout
The Mugu Rock Run / Ventura Nationals
Born Free 6
High Five Party
White Trash Pool Party
The Philo Beddoe Family Reunion
The Nightmare Before Hazzard County
Dead Marionette Theatre
Escape To Hazzard County 3
24 Cycles Christmas Toy Drive
& the Half-Assed Christmas Party

International orders not available at this time due to high theft rates and crazy stupid expenses.