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THE DIYCLINE 2017 Photography Annual

Image of THE DIYCLINE 2017 Photography Annual


Last two.... gonna go quick I hope...

Offering THE DIY'CLINE, our 8th ANNUAL PHOTOGRAPHY BOOK in the LADYHUMP collection! 100 full color pages, in perfect binding, of AD FREE / SPONSOR FREE photography from 2017. That's the way we do it. That's the way we've always done it. That's eight years strong DIY! We are super excited to share this years annual with everyone who's friended/followed us over the years, or maybe it's your first time (?) That's cool too! $20 includes U.S. Shipping, FREE Stickers and Buttons. Sorry, NO international orders available.

This 2017 annual covers a dip back into Nov/Dec of 2016 and visits through Dec 2017; just about everything we've done, attended, or supported along the way; Kitmas, Taco Moto Tuesday(s), and of course Taco Moto Saturdays, The Beaver Moon Campout, Giant Rock Run No.6, The El Diablo Run, Birthdays, Weddings, Roller Derby, Run To The Hills, The ALIEN RUN 2017, parties, travels, bands, gigs, Halloween, drag queens... This is a jam packed 100 pages.

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